One of a kind pure silk - chiffon pink dressTatiana Shabelnik collection  is inspired by her tremendous passion for travel and love for different cultures. Bold bright colors and shapes as well as color-blocking elements derive from her longtime admiration for the work of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and Belorussian-French artist Marc Chagall.  That collection incorporates fusion colors along with the current trends. Shabelnik’s ambition with this line is to produce clothing that people will want to wear in everyday life. Very comfortable, yet stylish—these qualities have always been the goal of her designs.  Sexy and feminine, too.  She believes that adding a little touch of “drama” is essential even though she wants her clothing to be wearable and not simply designed for the runways.

“My clothing certainly should WOW a runway audience,” she says, “but at the same time I want that runway audience to know that this clothing is for them.  They can wear this line in everyday life.”

Shabelnik’s designs draw on a host of influences and inspirations, including the colors and styles of folk Belorussian dresses. By reflecting her heritage and culture in these designs, she has produced clothing that connects contemporary life with her vivid ancestral past.

white-red chiffon dressFeatured in the Los Angeles Times, Whittier Daily News and several other publications, Shabelnik believes in soaring high with her personal style statement.  Two articles in the L.A. Times identify her as being among the emerging and talented designers. A number of editorials have been published in Fashion MOST Magazine, Elements magazine, CVLUX Magazine, and other publications. Tatiana not only strives for a style that is unique, but she also wants her clients to understand that her designs are woven with more than just threads.  They also capture and reflect her joyful celebration of fashion and what she hopes will be her legacy and contribution to this exciting world.

In addition to clothing, Shabelnik also designs jewelry to complement and accentuate her clothing.  Anyone who adores one of her short dresses, for example, will love wearing one of her beaded necklaces made from semi-precious stones. With a range of colors and designs, Shabelnik’s jewelry is meant to inspire—much in the same way that Chagall and Kandinsky have inspired her.  Her jewelry, like her clothing designs, is meant to be more than simple merchandise: it is art to be worn and celebrated in daily life. Her unique sense of colors and time dimensions is something pleasing to the eye and perfect to wear. Tatiana Shabelnik, truly, is a designer of passion with the devotion and determination to give this passion the ideal expression.