On the Runway: Belarusian Designer Tatiana Shabelnik Showcases Global Inspirations at 2017 OC Fashion Week


February 16, 2017 

On the Runway: Belarusian Designer Tatiana Shabelnik Showcases Global Inspirations at 2017 OC Fashion Week

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. –– Fashion collides with innovation, beauty, and art for the 2017 season of OC Fashion Week® (OCFW). Opening on March 6, OCFW will present four days of the season’s creative ready-to-wear and one-of-a-kind couture by emerging designers from Orange County and beyond.

“We’re excited for the runway to begin once more as we welcome some of today’s most innovative designers to Orange County,” commented Kathy Marino, producer of OCFW. “Orange County has been recognized as a leading fashion metropolis and is known as California’s most luxurious market with consumer retail expenditures approaching $37 billion. We truly have an amazing fashion retail climate unlike any other. It is here that the OC paves the way for emerging designers to shine.”

Because international designers descend on the Orange County fashion market to be discovered, does that mean that California's most coveted luxury retail market might be a strong contender as the next major fashion capital?

Joining this season’s landmark event is Belarusian designer Tatiana Shabelnik, who brings her globally-inspired collection “Contrast” to the runway on Wednesday, March 8 at 7 p.m. The show will take place at Soka University’s Founders Hall (runway seating begins at 6 p.m.).

“Contrast” presents a dramatic fusion of bold colors and contrasting textures in leather, silk, and chiffon, inspired in part by the colorful works of Russian artist Vassily Kandinsky and Belarusian/French artist Marc Chagall. Her signature use of orange reflects enthusiasm, warmth, and happiness while also capturing energy and cheerfulness.

As a Soviet emigrant, Shabelnik says that her selection of colors celebrates the spirit of risk-taking, physical confidence, and vivacious competition and independence that she has experienced during her own journey from East to West.

By offering a contrast between contemporary Los Angeles glamour and the vivid ancestral past of rural Belarus, Shabelnik’s work is rooted in the Belorussian folk dresses of her youth with a modern twist. She provides a cosmopolitan and playful blend of colors and textures inspired by her fearless personality.

As noted by the Los Angeles Times, her pieces are a fun “interplay of bold color and contrasting textures” that she considers “wearable art.”  

“I want people to wear my designs in everyday life, not simply for the sake of a runway,” she says.

Shabelnik’s work has been featured in various publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Whittier Daily News, Fashion MOST Magazine, Elements magazine, Magazine MADAME (Dubai), Elegant Magazine, OBSCURAE, En Vie (Japan), Dreamingless (UK), and podcasts and radio interviews. Shabelnik also participated in Elephantasia, a collaboration among 13 designers at last year’s Vancouver Fashion Week to raise public awareness about the rising elephant crisis in Africa. Shabelnik and Elephantasia’s other designers were featured in the New York Times and UK VOGUE.

In addition to clothing, Shabelnik also creates jewelry to complement and accentuate her clothing.  With a range of colors and designs, Shabelnik’s jewelry is meant to inspire—much in the same way that Chagall and Kandinsky have inspired her.  Her jewelry, like her clothing designs, is meant to be more than simple merchandise: it is art to be worn and celebrated in daily life.

For more information: visit www.tatianashabelnik.com  or, to arrange for an interview, contact Nick Owchar at nickowchar@msn.com